Tales of Seikyu

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Early 2025
Simplified Chinese Title

Tales of Seikyu is an open-world simulation / action role-playing video game developed by ACE Entertainment and published by Fireshine Games.


Tales of Seikyu is an oriental fantasy-style farming simulation adventure game set in a lost land called Seikyu, where various legendary creatures from around the world live. The town residents have their own lives, such as the exquisite bar owner Shuten-doji who is always tipsy, the sharp-tongued folklorist Yoji who is rebellious and obsessed with the study of old gods, and the former Mafia boss Otter Andolini who is now only cares about his dock. However, the seemingly peaceful town is constantly threatened by the power of the Old Gods. As an outsider, can you successfully manage the old inn entrusted to you by the Inari God?

Key Features

  • Retire in the Countryside, Run a Cozy Inn in the World of Legendary Creatures – Turn the old dilapidated house entrusted to you by God Inari into a warm hotel where all creatures feels at home. Manage business, change furniture, and expand guest rooms so that every resident can have a satisfactory experience. You can also study cooking in the hotel cafeteria to meet the tricky needs of guests.
  • Transform Freely, Explore Temples to Get Ability Masks – Explore a divine realm full of puzzles and obtain ability masks. Turn into a Wild Boar and rush forward, smashing all obstacles in front of you; turn into a Dryad and use vine to climb steep cliffs with ease; turn into Slime, swimming and diving underwater to hunt for treasure. Use these different abilities to solve all sorts of puzzles creatively.
  • Open your Heart and Bond with Villagers – Over 30 unique characters await you to bond, and there is always one that suits you! Each character has a unique storyline, integrating into the world of Seikyu and intersecting with the village to bond with them. Knock on their hearts, share their joys and sorrows, and as emotions heat up, a feeling beyond friendship might eventually develop!
  • Team Up with Friends and Uncover the Secrets of the World – Invite friends to your world, explore around the mysterious Seikyu, and pursue the secrets of this world. Challenge divine realm together to collect lost treasures; show enemies the power of friendship; work together on the farm, as many hands make light work; or simply relax in a corner of the town with nothing to do and enjoy the sea breeze and sunshine.

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