Super Buckyball Tournament

Super Buckyball Tournament is a multiplayer action sports video game developed and published by Pathea Games.


Super Buckyball Tournament is an action multiplayer sports game where you play as a character, each with their own unique superpowers, in intense online matches for competitive or casual play.

With over 15 characters in the existing line-up and 19 for the official launch, each game is fresh and exhilarating due to the strong variety of character skill sets and teamplay possibilities. In every 6 minute match you will face new and constantly shifting challenges as your opponents employ innumerable strategies against you!
Select Your Character

Storm the field as a forward, stand tall between the posts with a defender, or choose one of the balanced characters and rule both halves of the ball. In Super Buckyball Tournament, you have the power to choose how you want to play!

Key Features

  • Charging Your Abilities – Each character is paired with a toolkit of unique abilities and a powerful ultimate that can be adapted for use on both attack and defense. Power up and get ready for the battle!
  • Advanced Teamplay – Passing has never been so easy in sports games. Coordinate advanced teamplay maneuvers with an assisted passing system that encourages quick passing and smooth collaborative plays.

    Customize Your Styles – Stylize your characters with a collection of trendy costumes and outfits to fit your personalization needs!

Super Buckyball Tournament Trailers