Stranger Things VR

Release Dates
Fall 2023
Official Website

Stranger Things VR is a virtual reality horror video game developed by Tender Claws and published by Netflix.


Experience the world of Stranger Things from the never-before-seen perspective of Vecna as he explores unknown realities, forms the hive mind, and enacts his plan for revenge against Eleven and Hawkins.

Players will invade the dreams and memories of fan-favorite characters and harness telekinetic powers to possess minds and battle creatures, as Henry Creel’s transformation into Vecna and his influence on the events of prior seasons is revealed.

  • Grab, crush and throw your opponents using telekinesis
  • Relive memories from Henry’s time at Hawkins Lab with Dr. Brenner as you explore an otherworldly, interconnected hive mind
  • Inhabit the dreams and memories of fan-favorite characters like Will Byers and Billy Hargrove as you manipulate them to do your bidding
  • Wielding powers that subvert and defy Vecna’s own, make a final stand to save your friends in a climactic finale
  • Open and close portals between worlds and realities… at your peril

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