Steel Empire Chronicles

Release Dates
Spring 2023

Steel Empire Chronicles is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up video game developed by Mebius, and published by Mebius and STARFISH-SD. In the west, it is published by Strictly Limited Games.

About Steel Empire

The Motorhead Empire reigns over most of the world with an iron fist, but there is still freedom to be found in the Republic of Silverhead. What follows is your typical (and very likeable) shoot ’em up narrative of the free world sending a sole pilot to save the day and bring peace and harmony to all.

The story itself is displayed through what is most easily described as an old sepia-toned film newsreel. The narrative is filled with made-up historical references that’ll help to set the mood. Of course, just as you’ve come to expect of Strictly Limited Games, we’ll add to this through the presentation of the physical releases.


Released in 1991 for the Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System, this shoot ‘em up was created by the same developers as Steel Empire. Experience a hidden gem of gaming history that was originally only released in Japan and Germany and enjoy the atmospheric and colorful presentation!

Included Titles

  • Three games of Steel Empire in one package: the 2018 remake, the 2005 Game Boy Advance version, and the 1992 Mega Drive version.
  • OVER HORIZON (1991) – An old school shooting classic!

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  • April 6, 2023

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