Spy Bros.: Pipi & Bibi’s DX

Release Dates
Feb 14 2023

Spy Bros.: Pipi & Bibi’s DX is an arcade video game developed and published by RAWRLAB Games.


Is there such a thing as nostalgia for unknown games? Pipi & Bibi’s was a fun but unknown game. Few arcades dared to license it because of its erotic motif and high difficulty.

This remaster is being directed by Pablo Navarro, CEO and programmer at RAWRLAB Games. It will include many improvements over the original game to make it more fun for fans of the original who want to relive their memories, and for those looking to try out this classic game first-hand.

Pipi & Bibi’s (also known as Whoopee in Japan) is an arcade video game developed and published by TOAPLAN in 1991. This game did not reach the fame of other TOAPLAN creations (such as Truxton, Zero Wing, or Snow Bros.), probably because of its erotic motifs, which caused many arcades to refuse to buy and exhibit this game in their shops.

Spy Bros.: Pipi & Bibi’s DXis an single-screen action-platforming game reminiscent of Snow Bros. and others of that time, where the players assume the role of Pipi and Bibi: two spies entering and bombing a series of six buildings protected by guards, scientists, divers, mob bosses, humanoid cats and other wacky individuals… and leaving the buildings just in time before they collapse from the explosions!

Unlike other recent re-releases of video games, this remaster does not include HD graphics, sound, or music enhancements. Instead, it aims to delight the retro gaming community with aesthetics and game mechanics faithful to the original video game, albeit with some improvements in game design and extra content.

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