Spacelines from the Far Out

Release Dates
Jun 7 2022

Spacelines from the Far Out is a cooperative roguelike management simulation video game developed by Coffeenauts and published by Skystone Games.


Run your own 60s-inspired space-age alien airlines in this randomly-generated chaotic one-to-four-player local and online cooperative game!

Key Features

  • Cooperative Retro-Futuristic Space AirlinesSpacelines from the Far Out is a ‘roguelike-like’ cooperative management game about airlines in space, featuring unlockable spaceships, upgrades, characters and customizations, randomly-generated challenges, trips, and itineraries, with a generous serving of 60s space-age flair and jazz!
  • A Procedurally-Generated Space Trip – Never fly the same trip twice with our mighty Trip Generator, a system that constructs fresh campaigns with unique sets of routes, destinations, space hazards, ship emergencies, and passenger events. Alongside it, our game-balancing system Game Director AI monitors players’ progress and performance through trips and dynamically controls game events in real time, allowing for a seamless transition from single to multiplayer!
  • A Cosmic Handful of Needy Passengers – Each of your passengers are independent AI entities with their own needs and behaviors, dynamically responding to their environment and players’ actions. Be advised: if they don’t approve of your service, you may get a visit from the dreaded Inspector, who will look for health and safety violations and shut your spaceline down!
  • Build the Perfect Starliner – From helm to engines, each of your ship’s 15 different systems can be upgraded to create the perfect space ride. With tons of unlockable ships, you will be able to expand and create your own luxury star fleet!
  • Your Very Own Customized Spaceline – By successfully completing flights, you will find lost parcels containing tons of unlockables for your company: from spaceline customizations such as logos and color schemes, to skins for your ships and new species of playable characters!

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