Some Some Convenience Store

Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
Jan 15 2020
(iOS, Android) Korea
Dec 10 2021
(Switch) Worldwide
Spring 2024
Korean Title
썸썸 편의점
Japanese Title
SOME SOME コンビニエンスストア
Official Website

Some Some Convenience Store is a romance visual novel video game developed and published by TALESshop. The Switch version is published by CFK.


Our main character starts working part-time at a convenience store due to family circumstances.

While bored and playing with his smartphone, he decides to download a dating app called Some Some.

Right when he turns it on, it matches him with three girls…

Our main character meets an innocent part-time worker, a foreign trainee who wants to become a singer, and a carefree bodyguard.

Who will you choose?

Key Features

  • Choose the relationship you want to develop while working part-time at a convenience store.
  • Choose which of the three distinct routes you want to go down in this dating sim.
  • Choose between three love interests with three very different personalities! Each is fully voice acted by a professional actress!

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