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Sep 14 2023
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Solace State is science-fiction visual novel developed and published by Vivid Foundry.


Can you retain your humanity while fighting against a corporate biotech conspiracy? Play as the young hacker Chloe who confronts political plots as she fights for her friends and her neighbors. Your choices in building up relationships and communities can revolutionize into more or less freedoms.

A Drama of Friendship, Civic Duty, and the Biotech Revolution

Play as Chloe, a gifted hacker who is searching for her missing friend Rebecka while a biotech crackdown embroils the city of Abraxa. As the political climate heats up and the corporate-sponsored militia threaten lives in unusually cruel ways, Chloe is faced with leveraging her relationships and friendships to help her navigate unrest, protect the communities she cares about, and heal herself in the process.

Navigate Authentic Friendship, Romance, and Hope

Friendship can be formed through all sorts of circumstances, whether it be through tragedy or making impactful change. Get to know this colorful, queer, and fashionable group of characters as you navigate complex societal issues and political intrigue together.

In the midst of escalating tensions, will romance bloom, or will you choose to keep the one you have gotten close to as a friend and confidant? Do you find yourself with the wholesome local boy Torrent, the experienced activist Sueli, or the old flame Alden?

Investigate Corruption and Influence Change

Utilize the power of “social hacking” to dissect power dynamics that affect violent divisions locally and in the country. Your choices in how you dive deep into personal relationships, build rapport with storied communities, and exert your moral influence on arbitrary militarization will bring about more or less human rights in the world.

What is activism and responsible, moral truth? Whatever you choose, Chloe’s personal challenges intersect with her activism. Her hacking abilities allow her to take on another person’s identification and find encrypted data at the top of someone’s thoughts. With such abilities, what does it mean to share your truth responsibly?

In a world where more and more folks are having their plans for their future squeezed out, will Chloe’s actions incite violent backlash… or bloom into hope?

Key Features

  • 38 endings based on your choices in endless combinations.
  • Hand-drawn characters brimming with personality, expressiveness, and sense of fashion.
  • 31 fully illustrated, recurring characters, and many more background characters. Three characters are dateable!
  • 3D cityscapes look like impressionist paintings brought to life, from weathered and charming apartments to cut-throat corporate skyscrapers.
  • Dynamic visuals where the camera abstractly “hacks” through 3D buildings to reveal key story information.
  • An original soundtrack by Lex Metcalfe of moody electronica romanticized with acoustic instrumentals.
  • Evocative writing that captures the personal moments to power dynamics of characters from all walks of life.
  • Expected playtime is over eight hours for one playthrough, with over 14 hours of content across all branches.

Characters (seven out of 31)

  • Chloe Lee – Our intrepid, chaotic hacker protagonist.
  • Rebecka Limbaco – Chloe’s mentor and oldest friend.
  • Torrent Tam – An Abraxan local and a locational hacker.
  • Sueli de Moraes – A community director for health services in Abraxa.
  • Alden Aldridge – Chloe’s ex-lover who now works for a biotech conglomerate.
  • Safore Hirawa-Sarkar – A superstar actor and producer who is Rebecka’s partner.
  • Raylene Contreras Yang – A politician aiming for influence in corridors of power.

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