Snowman Story

Release Dates
(iOS, Android) Worldwide
Dec 13 2019
(PC) Worldwide
Dec 14 2023
Japanese Title

Snowman Story is an adventure video game developed and published by Odencat.


This is the story of a snowman named Chris.

Brought to life one cold winter’s day by a lonely boy in need of a playmate, Chris is content with his simple existence. But when a cackling crow reveals to him one night that he’ll melt away as soon as the weather warms, Chris must embark on a long journey to a paradise far to the north, where it’s said that snowmen can survive even the coming of spring.

Along the way, he’ll encounter a host of friendly woodland critters who’ll guide him on his trek, and help him tackle tricky ice puzzles whenever things get slippery. (Note that these puzzles are fully skippable for players who just want to enjoy the story!)

He’ll also come across other snowmen who tried but failed to make the very same pilgrimage, and gain the ability to read the memories embedded in their melted remains. Hopefully, by learning how they met their tragic ends, Chris can avoid the same fate.

After all—what meaning can there possibly be in a life that lasts but a single winter?

A wintertime tale of warmth and friendship that’ll surely melt your heart, Snowman Story is the perfect game to curl up with by the fire this (or any) holiday season.

PC Features

The PC version retains the charm of the original mobile game, but adds the following new features:

  • Controller Support and Landscape Mode – Previously only in portrait mode, Snowman Story has been optimized for PC. The landscape view allows for a larger, more detailed depiction of the game world. In addition, the game now features full controller support.
  • Additional Voice Effects for All Characters – Each of the game’s characters brings their own unique voice to the story, creating an even more immersive narrative.
  • New and Improved English Translation – the game’s English text has been fully revised to ensure that the spirit of the original script is lovingly preserved, making for a much more entertaining, heartwarming, and emotional experience.

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  • December 2, 2023

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