Sigma Star Saga

Release Dates
(GBA) North America
Aug 16 2005
(GBA) Europe
Jun 23 2006
(Consoles, PC) Worldwide

Sigma Star Saga is a shoot ’em up / role-playing video game developed by WayForward Technologies and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.


When a double-agent’s allegiance begins to waver, the galaxy finds itself in a precarious position.

Humanity is struggling to survive against the Krill onslaught. Ian Recker, a decorated pilot, goes undercover to investigate the Krill’s secrets, but finds himself trapped in a moral dilemma.

Key Features

  • The first RPG on the Game Boy Advance to combine a deep storyline and well-developed characters with a space-shooter battle engine.
  • Customizable weapons including over 15,000 Gun Data combinations.
  • Branching storyline with four endings and 20+ hours of gameplay

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