Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition

Release Dates
(Switch, PC) Worldwide
May 5 2021

Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition is a platformer developed and published by Christophe Galati. It is an enhanced version of Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San.


Dive into a great adventure in the Game Boy era!

In a world where humans and octopuses are at war, Tako is a pacifist little octopus who rescues a woman from drowning one stormy night. A fairy sees this act of bravery and grants him the ability to survive on land. As he travels across the world, Tako defies his family and his people to try to resolve conflicts between Humans and Octopuses, plunging him into the very roots of this dysfunctional world.

Tako will solve puzzles, turn enemies into platforms by spitting ink at them, explore mysterious dungeons, and fight tenacious bosses on his mission to end the war between the undersea Octopus kingdom and the terrestrial Human realm. Will you help this brave octopus to spread his message of tolerance and teach both species to coexist in peace and unity?

Key Features

  • Designed as a tribute to the original Game Boy—looks, sounds, and plays like a long-lost cartridge.
  • Six worlds to explore.
  • 50 different hats that Tako can acquire and wear to gain special abilities.
  • Extensive character dialogue with many unique and memorable NPCs.
  • Side quests, puzzles, mini-games and 16 different dungeons to explore.
  • Multiple player-selectable palettes to change the game’s color scheme.

Definitive Edition Features

  • New difficulty modes and rebalancing of the original game.
  • Hint system, auto palette option, and more quality of life improvements.
  • Sound system to listen to the soundtrack composed by Marc-Antoine Archier.
  • New border images and additional content.

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