Runa is a turn-based role-playing video game developed and published by Fennec Studio.


Runa is an adventure game inspired by modern and classic JRPG, with turn-based battle system, social links and a story-rich science fantasy world. Promising to keep intact what makes classic JRPG games fun, Runa also features elemental puzzles and base building, as well as minigames like farming, fishing and cooking.

Runa is set in a world in which runas symbolize the technological advancements of an ancient civilization. Whether for domestic use or combat, the use of runas is key. Only some people, known as adepts, are able to fully control them and unleash their true powers.

Key Features

  • Explore a Huge World – The world of Runa is a colorful and vibrant fantasy one, but also full of mysteries and sci-fi elements. Follow the journey of a group of adventurers who, driven by their unique motivations, find themselves traveling the world and unraveling all its hidden secrets.
  • Fight Turn-Based Battles – The “Elemental Break System” is a battle system inspired by JRPG classics: turn-based battles with ordered turns, elemental affinities and strategical approach. With four active and a total of seven party members, that can be swapped anytime (no turn wasted), group ultimates, and a lot of powerful skills!
  • Relationships and Romance – Date different characters individually to strengthen your relationships with them. If you’re trying to find that special someone in the world of Runa, you’ll have more than 15 romance options, including same-gender relationships.
  • Solve Elemental Puzzles – Solve a wide variety of elemental riddles, with seven different elements and 12 elemental skills at your disposal. Engage in quick puzzles in both the overworld and cities, and navigate dungeons designed around unique puzzle combinations.
  • Base Building and Minigames – Build your own base in the city of Enyth by creating and enhancing buildings according to your preferences. Recruiting certain characters or completing important quests unlock the creation of some buildings, including: Residences, Canteen, Dojo, Lab, Farm, Runa Research Center, Antique Shop…
  • And More…
    • Weather and time changes
    • Day and night cycle
    • Mixed calendar system
    • Elaborate dialogue system with choices
    • No silent protagonist
    • Elaborate quests
    • Hand-painted minimaps

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  • April 9, 2024

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