Rota’s Nautical Chronicles of Trade

Emma Create
Caro Builders
Release Dates
Jun 26 2024
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Rota’s Nautical Chronicles of Trade is a video game developed by Caro Builders and published by Emma Create.


A “city building” and “trade” simulation game by Rota, the princess of the forest country.

The Rosecania continent built its wealth by importing goods from various countries, processing and exporting them. One day, a heavy tariff was imposed by the king who ruled a neighboring country, making overland trade impossible. In order to save her country from its predicament, Rota begins a new trade by sea in the port town of Portamare. Let’s greatly develop Portamare through trade using ships and aim for the revival of Rosecania!

There are three types of residents in the town of Portamare: farmers, merchants, and sailors. Each resident has their own skills, and in the case of merchants, they play an active role in business negotiation battles. Build various facilities around the city and produce export goods. The cute residents drawn with pixel art move around the map while muttering to themselves. Sometimes tourists visit our town!

Business negotiations with other countries can be conducted by Rota himself or by hired merchants. The biggest challenge is how cheap imports can be bought and how high exports can be sold.

Trade is carried out by sea using ships. There are different types of ships, and the larger they are, the more export goods they can carry. Also, when it becomes possible to trade with new countries, the types of facilities will increase, and people from other countries will appear as residents of Portamare.

There is also a ranking event held once a year to evaluate the degree of development of the city. Let’s do our best to further develop Portamare!

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  • May 23, 2024