Rolling Gunner

Release Dates
(Switch) Japan
Feb 28 2019
(Switch) Worldwide
Jun 20 2019
(PC, Arcade) Japan
Jul 22 2020
(PS4) Worldwide
Apr 1 2022
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Rolling Gunner is a shoot ’em up video game developed and published by Mebius. In the west, it is published by ININ Games.


Setting the scene.

In a not so distant future, in the year 2034, the element Busterium will revolutionize the whole world. Using the new element as a power source, Buster Engines— alongside a central control computer, called BAC – were developed and replaced the old technologies in many areas.

Things went well for a long time, until BAC suddenly turns against humanity and uses the power and machines he has accumulated over time to take control of the Earth. After BAC’s attack and the subsequent chaos on Earth, the population was reduced by half. To save the remaining humans and the planet Earth, BAC must be stopped!

Fortunately, from the beginning there was a group who foresaw the danger from such a powerful AI. Secretly, they have been working on a weapon to defeat BAC—the Rolling Gun.

And now, the operation to destroy BAC begins. Being the last chance for the planet, players have to battle their way through a variety of opponents and finally face the out of control AI.

Key Features

  • Three different spaceships to choose from.
  • Different difficulty modes offer the best experience for every skill level.
  • A replay feature that allows you to analyze your last attempts.
  • A training feature where you can manage the settings regarding your spaceship, the stage, power up and others—get the best training for every in-game situation!
  • Awesome 2D animations and bright graphics.
  • Superior, energetic soundtrack by COSIO.

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