Rollin’ Rascal


Rollin’ Rascal is a platformer video game developed and published by Curiomatic.


Rollin’ Rascal is a high-speed action platformer that will test your reflexes and creativity as you zoom through a whimsical world in search of adventure! Join Rascal on a thrilling ride filled with speed, excitement, and a cast of endearing characters—an experience that will delight classic speedster fans while also introducing newcomers to the genre!

Key Features

  • High-Speed Platforming GameplayRollin’ Rascal is all about speed, momentum, and self-expression! The gameplay is designed to test your reflexes and creativity as you take on gravity-defying loops, twists, and turns.
  • Expressive Levels – Our game features sprawling levels that offer a variety of ways for players to express themselves through movement. Each stage is filled with multiple paths, hidden shortcuts, and interactive elements that reward curiosity and experimentation.
  • Online Multiplayer – Take your skills to the global stage with online multiplayer races. Show off your speed and skills as you race head-to-head in real time. Climb the leaderboards, earn special rewards, and prove you’re the fastest in the world.
  • Adaptive Soundtrack – Immerse yourself in the world of Rollin’ Rascal with a dynamic soundtrack that adapts to your gameplay. Each level comes alive with energetic music that enhances the overall experience.

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