Robo Frenzy

Robo Frenzy is a beat ’em up action video game developed by YummyYummyTummy and Tamatin Entertainment, and published by YummyYummyTummy.


Robo Frenzy combines the thrill of battling colossal robots with weapons and machines you make. Grab materials and throw them into factories to make swords, laser blasters, and boomerangs. Link factories together to create even more powerful weapons like a giant drill and a cactus lasso?!

Use cannons, springy hands, and an arsenal of machines to crush a TV-rex throwing a temper tantrum with traps designed by you. Connect machines together and construct creative inventions to save Omniland from rampaging robots.

Key Features

  • Ever-Changing Boss Battles – Slice, throw, and slam dozens of kaiju-size gadgets. The enemies you fight in Robo Frenzy adapt to what you create on the battlefield.
  • Snap and Attack – Build and connect factories to create a variety of weapons or link machines like cannons together make powerful inventions.
  • Engineer with a Friend – Team up to takedown robots in local cooperative play.

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  • March 17, 2023

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