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Rising Heat is a shoot ’em up / roguelike action video game developed by Fuzzy Sock Studios and published by Apogee Entertainment.


Fight your way through the Rising Heat—a gladiator-style space spectacle bankrolled by the Extraterrestrial Elite! Take flight with a diverse cast of pilots, ships and weapons! Choose upgrades, discover synergies and construct a build powerful enough to give yourself a fighting chance!

Key Features

  • Enter the Rising Heat – The infamous Rising Heat is a gladiator-style spaceship spectacle, a tournament backed by the exorbitantly wealthy, extraterrestrial elite. Wingmen from across the cosmos test their skills and compete for a chance to achieve prestigious victory. Can you beat the heat?
  • Bullet Heaven or Hell? – Fight back and forth through waves of enemies and huge bullet hell-styled boss battles. Balance your upgrades to suit your playstyle to switch between these two types of challenges.
  • Dash and Smash – Master a dynamic movement system that allows you to weave through bullets, dash to avoid enemies or smash right through them.
  • Build Your Fighter – Each pilot has their own strengths and weaknesses with unique play-styles and abilities. No two pilots or ships are the same, so no two runs are the same. Choose from more than 60 game-changing upgrades to craft the ultimate build that complements your pilot and suits the challenges ahead.
  • Fly With a Friend – In cooperative mode, both players have their ships connected by a deadly energy beam. While the beam can be used to destroy enemies, uncoordinated movement can yank your wingman into danger.

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