RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection

ININ Games
Release Dates
Jun 30 2023
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RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection is a shoot ’em up video game collection developed by M2 and published by ININ Games.


Two of the most respected vertical shoot‘em ups TAITO has ever released are coming to the West for a special HD collection.

Play again the sequel and prequel of RayForceRayStorm and RayCrisis—both featuring polygon-based 3D graphics instead of sprite-based ones, and their respective HD versions, to relive the excitement of epic battles of outer and cyber space!

Set in a cyberspace environment, RayCrisis marked a style departure from the rest of the series. Prequel to RayForce, it details the events during the time in which the supercomputer called Con-Human gained sentience and rebelled against its human creator. While the Earth is demolished to be remade as Con-Human’s new corporeal form, a cyberspace hacker launches a desperate assault to jack into the supercomputer’s virtual core and cease its insanity. It is up to you and the Waveriders to keep the malicious AI from causing any more chaos—even if it could be too late, the least you can do is ensure that no more lives are lost in the real world by ending it in the digital realm.

Set in a parallel universe, in RayStorm, the Earth and humanity have prospered enough to expand space colonies all the way into Orion. Unfortunately, the rebellious colony of Secilia overthrows the government of the Earth-based Star Federation and plans to obliterate the earth and all the people on it. To counter it, Earth sends out a covertly-developed fighter codenamed the R-Gray (that’s you buddy) in hopes of penetrating the Secilian atmosphere and obliterating Secilia’s base of operations, the Juda Central Core.

Key Features

  • Shared
    • Breath-taking graphics and vistas in 3D polygons, supported by a striking art style.
      The very best music shooting games have to offer, composed by Taito’s legendary sound team ZUNTATA.
    • Outstanding gameplay focusing on the lock-on laser and challenging bosses.
  • RayCrisis
    • Features more varied stages that will allow you to jump through cityscapes, stormy skies, desert fields, giant water tunnels and more.
    • Includes an Encroachment System.
    • Differently from the classic level-after-level shmup, the stages are set up so that three out of five are randomly chosen at start, although in the next playthrough the player can manually select the previously cleared map sequence. But don’t worry, regardless of what stage you pick, the difficulty always increases; each stage is tailored to include more enemies depending on whether it goes first, second, or third.
  • RayStorm
    • Two playable ships, each with different combat capabilities.
    • Includes a chargeable smart bomb / special attack and a high-powered full lock-on attack.

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