Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
Aug 6 2020
(PS4, Switch) Worldwide
Mar 16 2023

POST VOID is a first-person shooter published and developed by YCJY Games. The console versions are published by Super Rare Originals.


POST VOID is a hypnotic scramble of early first-person shooter design that values speed above all else. Keep your head full and reach the end; Kill what you can to see it mend; Get the high score or try again.

We move forward_____________
_____________We aim to progress.

(Challenging arcade style first-person shooter with one objective: be fast)

Try not to____________Try to avoid
look back____________lingering on
too much.____________mistakes.

(Move forward and keep your idol filled with liquid by getting kills)

______You will make mistakes.______

(Each run will be a little bit different with procedurally generated levels)

We measure
the past_____________with what
_____________________we are left with,

(Compete on the global high score leader boards)

Each achievement presents a new
___ challenge, as the last one
_______dwarfs to our ambition.


POST VOID Trailers