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Polaris is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Polaris Team and published by Variable State.


Team up and take flight in this science-fiction cooperative shooter with fully destructible environments. Soar through dynamic open levels using powerful abilities, unearth the coveted secrets of Polaris, and lay waste to the hostile cityscapes of a colonizing threat—reclaim your homeworld!

Skylancer: Our planet has been overtaken by the Regime. Join us and together we will shatter the yoke of their oppression.

Cooperative Player-Versus-Environment Extraction

Take flight with up to three other players for four-player team-oriented gameplay, focused around guerilla warfare against the Regime.

It’s your team vs the environment. Get in, wage a guerilla war of resistance, and destroy as much enemy infrastructure as you can on the way out!

A Playground of Destruction

Battle through completely destructible cityscapes. Smash, destroy, and otherwise tear down the Regime’s infrastructure of oppression over the course of every match. Each session is unique, with a reactive and ever-evolving combat environment.

Carve doorways out of walls, tunnel through terrain, and unleash an arsenal of destruction!

Turn the Tools of Your Enemy Against Them

Assume the mantle of Skylancer and reclaim the birthright of your ancestors. Fly, extract, and unearth the coveted mysteries that drive the Regime’s war of conquest!

Community-focused Development

We’re a small and scrappy team of 11 people, aided by the tools and technologies of Unreal Engine 5.

We’re excited about the game we’ve built with Polaris, and wholeheartedly invite our community to share feedback.


  • Will Polaris be a live service title? – No, Polaris will offer a complete experience at launch. That said, if big AAA studios don’t get everything right day one, our little team certainly won’t, so we’ll no doubt be making bug fixes and balancing changes after release, and we’ll take that responsibility seriously. If people dig what we’ve made and would like more, we’ll definitely consider it, so long as we won’t bankrupt ourselves in the process. But I don’t want to sell people something which is incomplete, half-finished, or where we’re pitching as-yet-unrealized potential. We just want to make a cool game, and we hope it looks cool to you, too!
  • What operating systems will Polaris be compatible with? – At launch we’ll support Windows PC only, with the possibility of Steam Deck support at a later point.
  • Will this be an Early Access title?Polaris will launch in full when released.
  • What’s the inspiration behind making Polaris? – It’s Jonathan the creative director writing this (hi there!). I can’t speak for everyone on the team, so I’ll answer just for me… I’ve kind of always wanted to work on a game like this. I grew up loving the games of Bullfrog and Psygnosis, in particular Syndicate, wipEout, G-Police, and Colony Wars. So experiences involving “teams of high tech soldiers, using high tech vehicles, causing chaos in an original science fiction world” have always been embedded deep in my frontal lobe. Over the years I’ve fallen in love with games like Halo, Earth Defense Force, Red Faction, Just Cause, Crimson Skies, and Ace Combat. Polaris is a melting pot of all these inspirations (and more!) combined with the raw talent and creativity of the awesome team I get to work with everyday. Also they turned off the Warhawk servers so this is the only way I get to fulfil that particular gameplay fantasy.

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  • June 9, 2024

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