Penny Blood: Hellbound

Release Dates
Early Access
Mar 7 2024

Penny Blood: Hellbound is a roguelike action video game developed by YUKIKAZE, STUDIO WILDROSE, and Natsume Atari, and published by YUKIKAZE.


Devised by dark Japanese RPG mastermind Matsuzo Machida, developed by industry veterans at Natsume Atari, featuring art by Miyako Kato, and with a brand-new soundtrack from Yoshitaka Hirota and Noriyuki Iwadare, players can enjoy a taste of the tenebrous in this prequel to the upcoming RPG, Penny Blood.

Key Features

  • Hellhounders Unleashed – In Penny Blood: Hellbound, you play as the Hellhounders, the formidable rivals of Matthew and his companions in the Penny Blood world. Navigate through a side story teeming with challenges and uncover the background of this group of anarchists as you attempt to fight your way free of the otherworldly prison of Mictlan.
  • Roguelike Thrills – Players will experience the fast-paced action side of Penny Blood through a roguelike world, where each run works toward unlocking a plethora of power-ups, new skills, and enhancements available in the game. Progress through dynamic action stages and topple exotic bosses, gearing up for the final confrontation that looms within the Hellhounders’ retreat..
  • The Malice System – There will be blood as you slice, dice, bash and shoot your enemies throughout Penny Blood: Hellbound. The more blood you spill, the richer your rewards. Engage in intense battles, accumulating currency through the innovative Malice System to unlock a myriad of upgrades and abilities that can be procured in the game’s hub—The Hellhounders’ hideout.
  • Bloodsurfing Dynamics – Players can dive into the action with “bloodsurfing,” a unique gameplay mechanic that turns spilled blood on the ground into a powerful tool. Slide along the floor to unleash momentum-based attacks and skill upgrades, enhancing your mobility and combat prowess.
  • Strategic Hellhoundery – Choose from a roster of 6 distinctive Hellhounder characters, each with their own set of attacks, weapons, and status-altering abilities. Strategize your run by switching between 2 chosen characters in real-time, creating devastating combo attacks. For even more fun, bring a friend along when the full release hits in mid-2024.
  • Enthralling Penny Blood World – Traverse through a variety of Penny Blood-themed locations in the Roaring 1920s, encountering diverse challenges and enemies throughout. Forge allegiances with fellow prisoners and immerse yourself in the rich atmosphere of the Penny Blood universe with each character’s unique storyline.
  • Musical Mastery – Enjoy a captivating musical score composed by Yoshitaka Hirota, the main composer of Penny Blood and the Shadow Hearts series, along with guest composer Noriyuki Iwadare of Lunar and Grandia fame.

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