Paradigm Paradox

Release Dates
May 27 2021
Fall 2022
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Paradigm Paradox is an otome visual novel developed and published by Idea Factory. In the west, it is published by Aksys Games.


The year is 25XX, a world where mankind lives only in isolated colonies.

The protagonist, a student at the academy, is bored with the drudgery of everyday life, a day-to-day existence untouched by gossip about “Heroes” and “Vermin,” the enemy of mankind, and unnoticed by the good-looking guys at the academy.

One night she slips out of the dormitory and encounters colony-invading Vermin, landing herself in danger! Four girls appear suddenly and repel the Vermin with miraculous abilities.

The protagonist decides to work as a Hero, leading a busy life as both a student and champion of justice.

But why is it that she has more opportunities to talk to the good-looking guys everyone is gossiping about…?

What is their (the girls’ / guys’) secret…?

And what is the enemy’s true identity…?

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