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Nov 28 2023
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Noctuary is an action adventure video game developed and published by Gratesca Studio.


Colorful and splendid! An intriguing fairy tale of illuminators!

  • Alina Nightsong – One of the two protagonists and Fancia’s partner from the Earthcaress Beacon, is passionate…but a bit slow on the draw?
  • Fancia Dream – One of the two protagonists, the younger sister in the Dream family. Works hard to pass the Arboranger test to fight Darkritters.

Noctuary is a dual-protagonist visual novel. Players can play the role of the duo, Fancia Dream and Alina Nightsong who have dreams of “becoming Arborangers who protect and serve everyone.” Travel through the fairy-tale-like world as the duo, experience their lively daily adventures, and gradually encounter the life story of a mysterious girl who came down from the sky.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to fight against the ever-present monsters—“Darkritters!” These dangerous enemies threaten the life of Illuminators constantly. Sharpen your fighting skills, defeat ferocious monsters and ensure peace in your community!

Practice Your Fighting Skills in Marvelous Battles

During your adventure, you will fight against various enemies. You can defeat them with a cascade of powerful combo attacks!

The two main characters master different skills and present various fighting styles, which allows you to win a battle in whichever method you choose. Switch between the two girls in battles to cope with enemies’ attacks and finish them off with the powerful On-field Switch skill and the Synergy.

Support Your Favorite Protagonist and the Choices Your Make Will Impact the Ending of the Journey

You will venture into this dreamy world of Aborteria through the lenses of Illuminators. Intriguing character performances, original and melodious music, high-definition game scenes and character images… All this will make your gaming experience unforgettable.

Explore the Sophisticated “Blessing” System

The friendships and blessings you harvest along the journey will strengthen you in battle. Feel free to combine the “Blessing Petals” that are embedded with features of different characters to customize your battle style. In addition, there are many other well-designed cultivation systems that are ready for you to explore!

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