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Neo Harbor Rescue Squad is an adventure / simulation / arcade video game developed and published by BancyCo.


A paramedic action drama with frantic minigames and a wild, funny story!

Prove yourself as a rookie paramedic as you juggle waves of patients with an inventive triage system. Master dozens of treatments to win the city’s recognition from the egotistical fire department.

Stabilize patients with fast, funny, arcade-style minigames—perform CPR, stop a nosebleed, seal a wound, use a defibrillator, bandage an arm—and so much more! Features over 50 minigames with multiple difficulty variations, allowing for hundreds of combinations.

Key Features

  • Use our triage system to quickly monitor patients’ health, how much damage they’re taking, if they’re critical, and learn to prioritize treatment.
  • Quickly switch between different views to manage multiple patients across a variety of complex scenes.
  • Use shields to temporarily protect your patients from damage, giving you some breathing room to strategize.
  • Aim for a high rank with each emergency; be graded based on speed, skill, and the condition of your patients.
  • Make dialogue choices to deal with the public, advance the story, and get to know your squadmates.
  • Laugh through a story of teamwork and friendship (and dolphins), inspired by real paramedic stories in Asia.

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  • July 9, 2024

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