Mullet MadJack

Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
May 15 2024

Mullet MadJack is a roguelite first-person shooter developed and published by Hammer95.


We are in the 90s… 2090 to be precise. Mullet Mad Jack is a frantic first-person action game set in a vintage anime world.

In this future, man and the internet have merged into a new being. This being needs dopamine every 10 seconds, or else it will die!

This is the “Peace System” and it is ruled by the ultra wealthy A.I. robots.

Those who put their 10 seconds of life on the line to kill the robots are called Moderators!

Key Features

  • You are Mullet Mad Jack, and you must kill enemies to refill your 10 seconds of life.
  • Beat randomly-generated stages full of exciting new obstacles at each chapter!
  • Cleverly build your character every floor, in a roguelite experience.
  • Defeat the mysterious masterminds and experience the ultimate 90s old school anime campaign!

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  • June 8, 2023

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