Mr. Saitou

Leeble Forest
Leeble Forest
Release Dates
Mar 23 2023

Mr. Saitou is an adventure video game developed and published by Leeble Forest.


Return to the world of Rakuen, where a new adventure awaits!

Mr. Saitou is an average white-collar worker who struggles to find meaning in a life full of constant overtime and social isolation. After an accident lands him in the hospital, Mr. Saitou is spirited away to a strange fantasy world where an unexpected friend takes him on a life-changing adventure.

Key Features

  • Heartwarming story with an emphasis on humor and building friendships.
  • A short and sweet experience that can usually be completed in one sitting.
  • Get to know a cast of strange creatures (both new and familiar), impress your boss, and explore a scuffed Edudungeon.
  • Charming art and original soundtrack featuring flowers dropping bars over electric guitars (OST included with purchase).
  • Meet the Sphinx of Basic Math.
  • Ride on a train.
  • Synergize, Optimize, ROIs, and cherry pies. Lots of Golf Balls. Definitely Y2K Compliant. Definitely business.

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