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쥐돌이 버스터즈
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Mousebusters is an action adventure video game developed and published by Odencat.


Explore a haunted apartment building to save its cute and quirky residents from their inner demons in this pint-sized pixel adventure!

Welcome to Mousebusters!

You just moved into your new place, and are excited to settle in…when all of a sudden, you get turned into a mouse! Thankfully, you soon meet a fellow rodent who knows how to help.

He asks you to call him “Chief,” and explains that there’s only one way to break the curse: by ridding the whole apartment building of the ghosts that haunt its inhabitants!

Get to Know Your New Neighbors

In each apartment, you’ll find a different ghost—but it won’t be that easy to track them down. It seems they prey on negative emotions, so in order to smoke them out, you’ll have to do some major recon to figure out each resident’s biggest insecurities. Just don’t get caught!

A Partner You Can Count On

Luckily, you won’t have to go it alone, because you’ll be in frequent contact with the Chief throughout each mission. From his comfy desk at HQ, he’ll offer plenty of guidance and comedic commentary as you scour the building and solve puzzles to find each ghost.

Engage in Ghost-Zapping Action!

Once you’ve tracked down the source of each resident’s woes, you’ll have to whip out your trusty ray gun and perform a good ol’ fashioned exorcism. Protect yourself from projectiles while targeting their weak points to expose their spectral cores!

Venture Down the Rabbit Hole

Over the course of your investigations, you’ll slowly uncover more and more evidence that suggests something far more ominous is going on with this building… and it seems the Chief knows more about the curse than he’s letting on. Just how deep does this conspiracy go?

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  • May 25, 2024

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