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Margin of the Strange is an adventure / simulation video game developed and published by Future Cat Games.


Margin of the Strange is a gardening-themed mystery-exploration game about the world of human dreams. You play as Ling, a young man experiencing the phenomenon of “dreaming” for seemingly the first time. He discovers that the dream world is actually a type of ecosystem—a sprawling, crystalline, alien dimension dictated by Strange physical laws. Over the course of six weeks, Ling seeks to find out more about this world in order to unravel the mysteries surrounding his own life… and his own death.

Key Features

  • Grow plants to reverse local entropy.
  • Make friends, they will have information.
  • Stare at lamps and drink sugar water (moth things).
  • Make friends with moths, they will help you with the three previous things.

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  • May 14, 2024

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