Marco & The Galaxy Dragon

Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
Feb 28 2020
(Switch) Worldwide
Apr 28 2022
Japanese Title
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Marco & The Galaxy Dragon is a visual novel developed by TOKYOTOON and published by HOBIBOX and Shiravune.

■ About

If it sparkles, then it’s ours! Selfish and self-centered. That’s our friendship in a nutshell.

■ The Story

Marco, an orphan with missing memories, and Arco, a dragon who rules the galaxy, were hunting for treasure in space! On one of their adventures, Marco was given a clue to the whereabouts of her mother.

Their next stop, her birthplace—Earth!

■ Key Features

  • Approximately 1,000 Images and Stills – There won’t even be time to tkae a breath between the changes in scenes. Thus making the dramatic developments in the story unlike anything seen in previous visual novels!
  • Multiple Cartoon-Style Animation Scenes – THe fusion between visual novel storytelling and animation will allow you to experience the game in a whole new way.
  • A Story Filled with Both Laughter and Tears – This emotional story will surely carve a place for itself in your heart.

■ Characters


“When you arrive on a new planet, first stop is food.”

Along with the galaxy dragon Arco, they live a life of travelling around the galaxy selling treasure they stole. But now, in search of the one treasure she’s never seen, her mother… She and Arco left on an adventure. She’s always hungry.


“I’m hungry.”

An incredibly rare and valuable dragon, the only one of her kind in the galaxy. She was born from a black hole so she’s always hungry. Her normal form is that of a small dragon, but after she eats she changes into her human form. She promised to eat Marco when she’s most delicious. She has a cavity.

Jormungandr Haqua

“I’m still half-fledged.”

The daughter of the being that’s trying to take over the galaxy, Astaroth. Her range of emotions is very narrow. She’s trying to get the Lizard Stone that Marco stole.

Gargouille Coela

“I will take recompense for my slain brethren.”

A girl from a destroyed planet. She vows to take revenge on the one who destroyed her planet. With her legendary sword Coelacanth in hand, she’s going on a rampage. Since she was born on a planet of sand, she longs for places of water.

■ Supporting Characters

Sakurako Onda

“I bet having nothing but good memories must be hard sometimes.”

A member of the student council and good in a fight. She’s working to protect her home, Gold Cord.

Yuuko Onda

“Don’t worry. The first one’s a free tasting. If you like it you can come back, right?”

Sakurako’s big sister who works in a coffee shop. The curry is famous… But nobody will tell you what’s in it.


“So like, because of the war lots of places are gone! So I’m glad we have this school!”

Because of the war, many places around the world were lost. Even in a world like that, she gets by working part-time at a soba restaurant every day. She’s friends with Marco.

Tera Isezaki

“There’s nothing I haven’t been able to afford!”

The student council president. Her family owns Isezaki Heavy Industries. She invested a lot of money into the Lizard Stone Marco has just because she wants it.

Rakka Isezaki

“Heyo! So you’re the one. Marky, huh. Nice to meet you.”

Tera Isezaki’s younger sister. She supports the Isezaki family finances using She’s the minister of finance in the Isezaki family. the foreign stock exchange.

Takao Kurosaki

“Now that you’ve come here, whatever happens in this town can no longer be considered strange.”

A member of the student council. She serves the Isezaki family. Tera’s right hand. Book lover.


“All you need is to be ready, and the mental fortitude to deal with having your body completely broken into smithereens.”

A dentist. Depending on the pay, she’ll do any procedure. Because of her illegal procedures she’s being chased across the galaxy. She’s currently continuing her work in secret on earth.


“Gold Cord is in a terrible crisis right now!!!”

The mayor of Gold Cord. Facing galactic invasions head on, she makes innovative proposals that nobody goes along with That’s why she throws a tantrum and cries at the most critical moments.

Emergency Rations


Marco found him. An existence that will be eaten in an emergency. Travelling along with Marco and Arco. It still hasn’t been eaten.


Marco’s ride. One day, it gains power and learns to talk.

El Skeleton

“The feeling of completely destroying your enemy is what’s most important.”

Astaroth’s subordinate. He’s also after the Lizard Stone, but he’s always being outwitted by Marco. He chases after Marco while managing a restaurant.

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