Little Noah: Scion of Paradise

Release Dates
Jun 28 2022
Japanese Title
リトル ノア 楽園の後継者
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Little Noah: Scion of Paradise is a roguelite action video game developed by Cygames and Grounding, Inc., and published by Cygames.


Join the genius alchemist Noah and her cat companion Zipper as they explore ancient ruins to uncover the secrets hidden within! Create unique teams and combos from over 40 recruitable allies in this casual but compelling game!

Port Manacloud—a nation that owes its power and prosperity to its alchemists. Noah, an alchemical prodigy, is journeying across the skies in her airship when she discovers mysterious floating ruins. As she draws closer to investigate, a cat leaps on board. The cat accuses Noah of being a tomb raider and unleashes a storm that sends her vessel crashing down. In need of parts to repair her ship and driven by curiosity, Noah enters the ruins…

Key Features

  • A Casual Roguelite Action Game – Explore dungeons that shift with each playthrough and sweep through foes along the way. Use recruitable allies, “Lilliputs,” and items you’ve collected to defeat the ruin bosses. If you get knocked out during your adventure, never fear—you can use the items you’ve earned to power up Noah and come back stronger than ever!
  • Repair your Airship, Reap the Benefits – As you venture through the ruins, you’ll collect mana to repair and upgrade facilities aboard your airship. These facilities will give you boosts to make your next adventure smoother. Each facility gives different boosts, so choose how you want to power up Noah.
  • Unique Parties, Unique Combos – Recruit the Lilliputs you’ve acquired into a dungeon crawling party. Attack combos change depending on the order of your lineup—choose from over 40 Lilliputs to customize your party and maximize your power.”

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