Laugsh! Red Horizon

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Laugsh! Red Horizon is an action video game developed by game design by tokitamago and published by Kodansha.


A new feeling 2D action game by Japanese indie game studio, game design by tokitamago!

This is a one-player 2D action game, but the replay data of players from all over the world collected on the server is reflected on the game screen, and you can play in cooperation with up to 100 friends! A game just like “rush hour”. You can fully enjoy the unprecedented messy and fluffy feeling of the overloaded screen information!!

The opponent to fight is an extraterrestrial life form! They parasitize insects and heavy machinery, become huge and attack mercilessly! Let’s confront with the latest weapons of humankind and the overwhelming number of 100 friends!

You can destroy the boss by the shortest route that is hard to get lost, or you can explore the stage like an ant’s nest stretched underground and get new power and weapons! Let’s expand the search range and advance the game to your advantage!

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  • November 5, 2021