Knives Out: EXTREME

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Knives Out: EXTREME is a third-person shooter developed and published by NetEase Games.


Knives Out: EXTREME is a 3D realistic multiplayer online survival shooting game, an intense and exciting player-versus-player-versus-environment competitive shooting experience, including in-depth survival exploration and collection, weapon modification, base development, character growth, and other abundant content.

Competition for Survival In a Post-Disaster World

“GC-083.” The realm once experienced severe collapse and was divided into separate zones of varying sizes by storms. The time-space turbulence between plates tore apart the space, resulting in “Void Zone.”

Due to the disconnection of communication and exchanges, people in various regions have formed several forces, with different branches of culture and technology; the post-disaster world has not been able to establish self-sufficiency for a long time.

The foundation of survival and scavenging resources from abandoned cities and human settlements has become a way to survive. The competition for resources has led to clashes and conflicts between individuals and even power camps.

The protagonist, an investigator to “GC-083” dimension to investigate the cause of the collapse, had a crash and survived. To survive, every exploration needs to be protected from other survivors when searching for resources, or take their materials for yourself, and finally return to build bases where you can modify weapons and equipment, constantly improve your Strength, and finally complete your mission in this cruel world.

Risk Self-Selection and Strategy Freedom

Each action is a thrilling and exciting adventure. Players can freely choose whether to carry more and more lethal weapons and supplies or not, or to improve combat ability and survival rate. A higher capacity backpack can hold more harvests only if returned successfully to keep the loot. Once the failure will lose all! Always be aware that you may have been targeted by others as prey!

There is a safe exploration route that is sparsely populated but also scarce in materials, or players can venture deep into the resource-rich area to obtain bigger loot in fierce gun battles. During the process, players can choose to cooperate or compete with other adventurers and withdraw through the evacuation point at any time.

In-Depth Modification Base Construction

Submit completed quests and get the loot after each successful exploration. Use newly harvested resources to continuously upgrade your base to unlock new abilities and equipment. At the same time, a wealth of weapon accessories can provide in-depth modification of firearms, to provide a higher level of warfare for the next adventure. Only by strengthening yourselves continuously will you be able to stay in this post-disaster world for a long time.

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