Knight in the Maze

Traditional Chinese Title

Knight in the Maze is a roguelike action video game developed and published by Daylight Studio.


Four knights, while investigating anomalies within a labyrinth, inadvertently become trapped within a sealed maze. Masks that cannot be removed are placed upon their faces. United in purpose, they must navigate the labyrinth, uncover the cause of these anomalies, and find their way to escape.

This game is a story-driven roguelike experience.

The gameplay falls under the real-time action RPG genre, featuring a diverse array of weapons and randomly generated skills, alongside highly unpredictable dungeon levels.

  • Diverse Weapons – Each knight has a variety of weapons to choose from. Select your preferred weapon and survive in this perilous maze.
  • Rich SkillsAcquire hundreds of skills and combat techniques within the maze. Make your choices wisely, as they will become crucial aids during your exploration.
  • Flexible Enhancement System – Your weapon is your strength. Collect materials and enhance your weapons! Even if you’re dissatisfied with the enhancement direction, feel free to reset your weapon and reinforce it in a different way at any time.

Key Features

  • Multiple playable characters with different weapons and moves, allowing for various gameplay styles.
  • Each entry into the maze presents a unique layout and room configuration, ensuring a different experience even in the same room.
  • Maze levels go beyond monster battles, featuring puzzle-solving and other room types. Some parts of the storyline unfold within the maze.
  • A flexible development system, allowing players to choose between a bloodthirsty tank approach or a glass cannon strategy.
  • The game incorporates both main and side storylines, resembling RPG elements. Depending on the progress of side storylines, the final outcome will vary.

Knight in the Maze Trailers