Kibu is an adventure video game developed by Studio Inkyfox and published by Future Friends Games.


Kibu is a tranquil adventure in the heart of the wilderness. As a solitary monk you must build a temple, brew delicious teas, and journey into the wilds seeking out ancient spirits. Carve out your own special corner of home in a beautiful, mysterious land.

Journey Through the Wilds

  • Embark on a tranquil adventure in a captivating wilderness, journeying through a range of unique environments and seeking out the ancient spirits of the land.
  • Explore mysterious lands, uncovering hidden secrets and unravelling the enigmatic stories of the world.
  • Harness the power of your staff as you strike out into the wilds, and master a tactile, flowing combat system to overcome hostile foes.

Find Your Place in the World

  • Create a sanctuary that is uniquely yours, building and customizing your own temple, forging a special and meaningful space within the world.
  • Turn your tools to farming and foraging, cultivating a vibrant garden and harvesting the riches of nature.
  • Dive into the art of tea brewing, concocting a variety of delicious teas with diverse effects to enhance your journey.

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