Japanese Rail Sim: Operating the MEITETSU Line

Sonic Powered
Sonic Powered
Release Dates
(Switch) Japan
Dec 15 2022
(PC) Japan
Apr 27 2023
(PS4) Japan
Jun 22 2023
Japanese Title
鉄道にっぽん!Real Pro 特急走行!名古屋鉄道編
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Japanese Rail Sim: Operating the MEITETSU Line, known as Tetsudou Nippon! Real Pro Tokkyuu Soukou! Nagoya Tetsudou Hen in Japan, is a simulation video game developed and published by Sonic Powered.


Boasting a professional railway driving experience and powered up by enhanced realistic behavior and visuals, the new Real Pro series comes to PlayStation 4 and Switch!

The stage is now the Nagoya Railroad.

Experience the exhilaration of driving the high speed Express and Limited Express trains through the suburbs, now with highly detailed real-life video.

With beautiful, high-definition video and realistic railway driving behavior, you will feel exactly like a professional train operator.

Follow professional railway driving rules and depart to your final destination.

Challenge Yourself with the Professional Driving Experience through Super-Impressive Visuals

Following official operating procedures performed by professional train operators, the new Real Pro series, which recreates smooth and realistic driving, now comes to PlayStation 4 and Switch!

You can enjoy to the full extent the feature that is unique to this series: Clear, detailed, and real-life visuals captured directly from the driver’s seat.

Furthermore, with PlayStation 4 Pro, it is now possible to experience the full beauty through high-definition 4K!

Experience train driving through the ultimate recreation of the Meitetsu!

Total Track Length of Over 70 Kilometers! Experience the Exhilaration of High-Speed Driving

For Japanese Rail Sim: Operating the MEITETSU Line, over 70 kilometers of railroad have been recorded. This range includes the Meitetsu Nagoya Line (Meitetsu Gifu Station to Jingu-mae Station), the Tokoname Line (Jingu-mae Station to Tokoname Station), and the Airport Line (Tokoname Station to Central Japan International Airport Station).

The cars that you will be able to operate are the Express, Limited Express, and the µSKY.

You will be able to enjoy not just the impressive visuals and realistic driving behaviors, but also the life-like sounds of the train!

Valuable Data that Bridges the Past to the Present

The Meitetsu Shiryoukan (Meitetsu Resource Center) unfortunately closed in December 2020.

However, the center has now been rebuilt digitally, with various valuable materials that can no longer be seen in person.

There is also a quiz corner for the train enthusiasts, and many more additions of special, browsable information that can be unlocked by getting achievements throughout the game.

Featuring records from the past and a view of the present, you can enjoy valuable materials that transcends time!

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