Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Kyoto

Sonic Powered
Sonic Powered
Release Dates
(3DS) Japan
Oct 23 2014
(3DS) Worldwide
Aug 5 2015
(Switch) Japan
Nov 28 2019
(PS4) Japan
Dec 10 2020
(PS4) Worldwide
Jun 22 2021
(Switch) Worldwide
Jan 10 2022
(PC) Worldwide
Jun 23 2022
Japanese Title
鉄道にっぽん!路線たび 叡山電車編

Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Kyoto is a railway simulation video game developed and published by Sonic Powered.


Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Kyoto is a live-action video and realistically reproduced driver’s seat. It is a railway simulation game where you can experience full-scale railway driving. With easy operation just by operating the mascon and the brake, anyone can feel free to feel like a driver. Enjoy scenic Japanese scenery with live-action video!

Key Features

  • Experience the Eizan Train with Full HD Live-Action Video – The stage of this work is the local line “Eizan Electric Railway” in Kyoto, which is very popular as a tourist destination. Nature is abundant, including the “Maple Tunnel,” which is famous for its autumn colors. Run in a quaint landscape from the city to the mountains. Wit high-definition live-action video shot locally, you can even feel the air.
  • Smooth Video Playback and Realistically Reproduced Driver’s Seat – Feel the immersion to the max. Full volume! All lines, up and down, of Eizan Electric Railway can be enjoyed as you like! Includes two lines: the Eizan Main Line and the Kurama Line. Even on the same route, the slopes are different on the up and down, so you can enjoy it repeatedly. In addition, you can experience the scenery of early summer and autumn in Kyoto through live-action images of the fresh green season.
  • Enjoy the Difference in Driving with Two Vehicles – It is possible to operate two vehicles that represent the Eizan Electric Railway” “Observation Train Kirara” and “Sightseeing Train Hiei.” Drive while enjoying the difference.
  • From Home to Kyoto Anytime – There are many sightseeing spots along the Eizan Electric Railway, such as historical temples and shrines. A “guidebook” that introduces the highlights along the railway line is also available! Don’t miss the “Tetsutabi Material Collection” that includes information on successive vehicles. Please enjoy travelling along the railway line as well as driving.
  • Optimized for PC – Supports all keyboard operations and mouse menu operations. Of course, it also fully supports controller operation! You can enjoy it with your favorite controls. Compatible with three screen sizes and trading cards!

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