In His Time

Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
Oct 2 2023

In His Time is a side-scrolling adventure video game developed by TearyHand Studio and published by Kodansha.


In His Time is a 2D adventure game of puzzle solving. As you control Olly, a young boy, use your head to overcome the many obstacles that stand in your way. To obtain items, you may need to persuade characters or win mini-games. Through these, players will get to know the world even better.

“A story of love and forgiveness” is the theme of this game, the debut work of indie game creator Yona.

The solid worldview and message influenced by his background as a Christian who grew up in a pastor’s family, which is rare in Japan, create a unique appeal that cannot be found in other works.

Please enjoy the cute character designs reminiscent of shadow puppets, and the high-quality music accompanying each scene.

And, while enjoying the moderately difficult problem-solving, relive the story of the main character, Olly, that will move you to tears.


He has heard his whispers. Nobody is left out of God’s plan.

Everything around him is driving Olly into a corner. School, friends, even Mom and Dad. Olly’s days are filled with feelings of isolation and loneliness.

However, one day a ray of hope appeared for Olly in the form of the clockmaker Joseph.

His stories meant a great deal to Olly. He told him where his father is, what kind of place Heaven is.

Joseph’s words enrapture Olly. They give him hope. Still, who really is Joseph?

This enigmatic figure has Olly under his thumb. Where will Olly’s path ultimately lead him?

Creator Profile: Yona

An indie game developer. He was born into a family of Christian pastors. After graduating from college, he joined the game development company Room6, where he was involved in the development and publishing of games such as Kotodama Diary and Kitsune: The Journey of Adashino. In 2022, he was chosen as a second-year member at Kodansha Game Creator’s Lab and started his career as an indie game creator.

Creator’s comment

As a game developer, I truly enjoy the process of creating games. It brings me great joy to announce that I have finally completed the game In His Time! Please try the demo version!

If you’re interested in my game as a Christian game, I am grateful. I am creating the game with my small faith, and I pray every day that God will help me make it to the level you expect. While I am uncertain whether I can meet your expectations, I trust that God will guide me to create a good game.

I always want to dedicate my work to God, and my hope is to create more and more works that will please Him. If you could support me and spread the word about this game in your faith community, it would be greatly appreciated. My desire is that it will reach those who need it and bring them joy.

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