Fortress S

Release Dates
Apr 27 2023
Korean Title
Japanese Title

Fortress S is a side-scrolling strategy / shooter video game developed by Waycoder and CCR Contents Tree, and published by Daewon Game Media Lab.


Fortress S is an artillery shooting game with simple rules and 28 unique tanks to choose from. Fire your missiles in various ways to defeat your opponents.

Various Gameplay Modes

Enjoy various gameplay modes with Story Mode, Local Battle Mode, Classic Mode, and more.

  • Story Mode – A new Fortress story awaits. Take down various bosses with your favorite tank and advance through the story.
  • Classic Mode – A turn-based battle mode similar to the PC version of Fortress.
  • Local Battle Mode – A turn-based battle mode for up to four players locally.
  • Mini-Games – Mini-games that pay tribute to the classic game. Simple enough for anyone to enjoy!

Nostalgic Background Music

All the background music from previous games is included in Fortress S. Enjoy the world of Fortress with nostalgic tracks.

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