Floppy Knights

Release Dates
(Xbox One, PC) Worldwide
May 24 2022
(Switch) Worldwide
Dec 19 2022

Floppy Knights is a turn-based strategy deck-builder developed and published by Rose City Games.


Hello there, humans. It is me, Carlton! Phoebe’s most trusted friend and super cool robot arm. I am here to tell you just a little bit more about Phoebe and her latest invention: Floppy Knights!

Who is Phoebe, you ask? She is a talented inventor with a mission: save up enough cash to finally move out of her parents’ place. There are plenty of odd jobs all over town but only one Phoebe—and that is where the Floppy Knights come in!

There are a bunch of Floppy Knights you can pick from to determine your own style. It will be up to you to mix and match snazzy card combos to make a winning strategy.

Key Features

  • Turn-Based Tactics Meet Card-Game Strategy – A fresh take on two familiar genres! Lead your Knights to victory across the battlefield using decks you have crafted with care.
  • Enter a Vibrant World Filled with Retro Tech and Magic – Jump into a fantastical land with hand-drawn visuals by Marlowe Dobbe (Dicey Dungeons), featuring lush vegetation, treacherous volcanoes, icy caves, and foggy forests.
  • Find Your Floppy Fighting Style! – Every unit has a unique playstyle and ability to generate special cards during battle, creating endless possibilities. Each deck of Floppy Knights represents a different faction and strategy:
  • Plants Deck – Upgrade your abilities, heal allies, and gain terrain advantages.
  • Monsters Deck – Add armor and trade HP for buffs.
  • Hooligans Deck – Three words: sneaky, poisonous, fast.
  • Plan the Perfect Draw – Whether you’re a tactics veteran or playing for the first time—snappy battles and numerous card combinations will keep you on your toes to find the perfect strategy. Take advantage of cards that add and flip complementary cards so you can execute seamless combos.
  • Jam Out to Some Toe-Tapping Tunes – Listen to the energetic and refreshingly retro soundtrack by Grahm Nesbitt (Garden Story) that will have you dancing across the battlefield!

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