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Mar 24 2022
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Expedition Zero is a survival horror video game developed by Enigmatic Machines and published by tinyBuild.


Expedition Zero is a survival horror set in the anomaly zone in the heart of Siberia. Face the dreadful forest monster and find a way to defeat it.

Explore the corrupted forest and abandoned research facilities to uncover the truth about the top-secret soviet expedition. Limited resources can be used to enhance your abilities and chances of survival in extreme conditions. Could you escape the zone or reveal the secrets it keeps?

Key Features

  • Fight or Hide – You are not alone in the forest. Face the horrifying monster in a deadly duel. How would you deal with other corrupted creatures? Run away, fight back or become prey.
  • Survive – Deadly monsters are not your only enemy. Deal with lack of resources, extreme temperatures and snowstorms.
  • Get Strong – Loot and craft useful devices and modules for your mecha-suit. Establish new safe points to have uneasy rest. It is the only help you’ll get on the expedition.
  • Explore The Unknown – The former research camp is now abandoned and surrounded by a 50m high wall. Uncover the dark truth about the soviet research expedition and top-secret military experiment.

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  • February 2, 2021

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