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Early 2025
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Everhood 2 is a turn-based role-playing video game developed and published by Foreign Gnomes.


After awakening in the space between reality, a lost Soul finds themself at the center of a cosmic conflict. Recruited by a Raven who promises to return their voice, the Soul must enter interdimensional doors in hopes of gaining enough power to slay the fearsome Mind Dragon. Travel to strange worlds, meet peculiar characters, and engage in a refined, expanded battle system on an unforgettable journey of existential proportions challenging gaming conventions.

Grab a pair of Moon Blades (among other upgradeable weapons!) and groove to the action-based rhythm of an epic salsa through time and space. Dodge melodic onslaughts, absorb elemental attacks, and strike back by releasing stored energy to hit each enemy’s weakness. Fight to an expansive soundtrack of Electronic Psychedelic Power Rock tunes specially written for each musical encounter against Carrot Mages, time cops, interdimensional mutants, and just… so much more.

Earn experience from defeated foes, scour environments for weapon upgrade tokens, and seek out powerful new weapons while preparing for the trials awaiting the Soul. The Mind Dragon threatens to overtake time and space, with the potential to erase entire realities from existence. Master a dynamic battle system that requires timing and careful movement before facing off against the Mind Dragon and other strange beings lurking just beyond perception.

Hang out with a humorous cast of colorful characters in a mysterious neon-dark world and explore different dimensions to confront the inevitable end of time. Follow the advice of Raven, the Soul’s veritable spiritual spotter, to worlds like the wartorn Vegetable Kingdom and an omniscient being’s pocket dimension. Seek meaning in a narrative mambo of madness while chatting with Carl Jung, squaring off against Rasputin, and diving into philosophical discussions with Terrance McKenna as wayward souls search for absolute truths.

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  • June 13, 2023

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