Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi!

Square Enix
NHN PlayArt
Release Dates
Dec 1 2021
Japanese Title
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Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi! is a puzzle video game developed by NHN PlayArt and published by Square Enix.


It’s Dragon Quest with puzzles! The first puzzle game in the Dragon Quest series! Let’s trace, match, and erase!

Key Features

  • Easy-to-Play Puzzles: Trace, Match, and Erase Drakeshi Characters – The familiar characters, monsters, and items of the Dragon Quest series reappear as “Drakeshi.” Match three Drakeshi vertically or horizontally, and set off on an adventure while erasing the graffiti that has appeared in the adventure log.
  • Tons of Cute Drakeshi – Assemble tons of Drakeshi, each with their own skills, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Set Inside an Old Adventure Log in a Certain Shop – The world of the adventure log is polluted by the monsters’ graffiti, troubling its people. Gather and raise Drakeshi to erase the graffiti and protect the people of the adventure log world.

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