Release Dates
Mar 26 2024

DORONKO WANKO is a free-to-play action video game developed by GYAAR Studio and published by Phoenixx.


DORONKO WANKO is a DORONKO action game. In this game, you can become a cute, innocent Pomeranian. And you can make your master’s home messy and dirty. Let’s explore this beautiful house and make it dirty and muddy at will!

Key Features

  • Rub! Splash! Muddy Action – Pomeranian can get muddy by “rubbing” against the “mud” spread on the floor. Spread out the mud with “splash”! Let’s make the whole area muddy and messy.
  • Find All “Hidden Pome” by Splashing Dirt and Make Your Way to the “Good Smell Room” – Sometimes you can find “hidden pome” when you are spreading mud all over the house. When you find all the “hidden pome”, the “Good Smell Room” ‘s door will open. (Let’s go inside quietly before others notice!)
  • The Total Amount of Damage Increases as the Room Becomes Dirty – More mud, more damage! You can check the total amount of damage you have caused from the ending “Receipt.”
  • Dirty All and Get Plenty of Gifts – When you cause enough damage, you will receive a “gift”?! They will help Pome’s exploration by making it easier to splash mud and obtain key items.
  • That’s a Lot of Damage! – A little action can cause a huge damage? Use personal appliances and toys to get even muddier.
  • Record of Exploration, Memory Badges – The Pomeranian’s adventures will remain as a “badge of memory.” A random move may get an unexpected badge.
  • More Pretty, Pome Customization – “Put on” the “Goods” and make your Pomeranian more pretty. Don’t forget the special goods that can release mud!