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DEVIATOR is a Metroidvania / side-scrolling action video game developed by Gami Studio and published by SapStaR Games.


DEVIATOR is a Metroidvania game centered around parry, featuring exquisite 2D hand-drawn visuals. explore unknown wilderness and mysterious cities, delving into enigmatic realms of consciousness and encountering peculiar creatures. uncover the truth behind this chaotic world.

Key Features

  • Just Parry It! – Don’t ask, just parry it! parry is the core combat mechanic in DEVIATOR allowing you to turn the enemy’s fierce attacks into nothingness with precise timing. Practice diligently, my friends; if you’re too slow, you’ll face defeat. You wouldn’t want to take a hit from an enemy, after all.
  • Power Up! – Every battle is a tense and thrilling game of wits. When attacks and parry succeed, the character will continuously build up momentum. Once it surpasses the threshold, you can enter a powerful enhanced state. In this state, the character gains multiple benefits, with improved damage and game feel. While getting beaten up by monsters may look pitiful, the enhanced state truly looks cool.
  • All Hand-Drawn, All Good – This fantastical world is constructed with vivid 2D hand-drawn artistry. From enemies to buildings, and the diverse styles of different regions, everything leaves a deep impression. The lush green forests, the shadowy mechanical city, the treacherous and icy canyons… But don’t get too lost in the scenery, danger lurks around every corner.
  • “Very Easy, But I’m Dying” – Watch your step! Danger lurks everywhere in this world. The game thoughtfully provides numerous challenging levels for you to showcase your skills. Of course, experiencing failure can be just as exhilarating. Get ready to “suffer.”