Release Dates
Early Access
Dec 20 2022
Simplified Chinese Title

Depersonalization is an adventure / role-playing / strategy video game developed by MeowNature and published by Gamera Games.


Depersonalization is a Clash of Clans-like RPG. Tabletop RPG! Dice! Cthulhu! Bad End! Multi-branch! A different world starting from zero!

The game consists of multiple modules, each of which has multiple endings and branch routes, striving to build a diverse, themed world.

Key Features

  • Create an Investigator
    • Players can create a variety of characters, and advance the story through free exploration, investigation, reasoning, selection, and other actions, and finally reach the end.
  • Tabletop RPG Style
    • No rigid growth system, all attribute are served with narrative.
    • Character’s attributes will influence the direction of the story, which allows players to experience a more multi-faceted plot. Maybe someone with low attributes is more likely to trigger incredible events.
  • Diversified Module
    • There will be a lot of choices in the story module. Different players can reach various plots and endings. These experiences eventually come together and form a complete story with ups and downs.
    • But it is worth mentioning that you are playing a role, and the character’s “personality” and “experience” will influence your choices.
    • No matter investigation modules, infinite modules, plain text modules, or strange story modules, it will be supported in different modes.
  • Strategic Combat
    • Completely break away from the traditional battle template. Flexible options in the battle will allow you to create different worlds of their own.
    • We are the prisoners of fate. However, occasionally we can make a big difference and create miracles!

Depersonalization Trailers