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Combo Devils is a fighting video game developed and published by Punkzilla.


Combo Devils is an evolution of the platform fighting genre. Our goal is to create a competitive one-on-one fighting game experience that rewards creativity and dedication. Players who enjoy other traditional fighting games and platform fighters will find Combo Devils familiar yet fresh and excitingly new.

Our three core modes are our Competitive 1v1, Campaign, and our Roguelike mode that has challenging mobs and raid bosses to defeat.

Key Features

  • Platformer Beat em’ Up Roguelite – Survive as long as you can with friends or solo while you explore and survive increasingly tougher challenges thrown at you. Equip character traits and find perks and items to help you defeat these difficult levels and bosses.
  • Campaign Mode – Learn the mechanics of our game through engaging levels that serve as tutorials to teach the game mechanics in a fun way. An advanced tutorial dressed as a platformer campaign. We plan to make a Campaign mode depending on the funding we get.
  • Versus Mode – Our premiere gameplay mode rewards players who dedicate time to learning every characters nuanced fighting style.
  • Rewards and Cosmetics – Unlock cosmetics and rewards that tell you more about your character’s history.
  • Mini Games – Play the Soccer Mode, Target Test, Racing challenges, and more from the Campaign and Roguelite modes as mini games.
  • Tournament Value – Supporting fighting game tournaments is a huge passion of our team. We fully want to support our players by hosting tournaments and raising funds to have large prize pools that players can earn by playing our game at tournaments.
  • Rollback Netcode – Built with Rollback Netcode, supporting the cutting edge of a fluid online experience.
  • Familiar Movement – If you’ve played other fast moving platform fighters, you’ll feel right at home here.

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  • December 8, 2023

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