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Chants of Sennaar is a puzzle / adventure video game developed by Rundisc and published by Focus Entertainment.


Unveil mysteries behind the fragments of the past.

Legend says that one day, a lone traveler will reunite the Peoples of the Tower, who are no longer able to understand each other following a terrible malediction. Explore and discover an enthralling world in a colorful, poetic setting inspired by the myth of Babel, in which the people have been damned by the Gods. Uncover an ominous truth and unveil the mysteries of this fascinating universe where ancient languages are both the lock and the key.

Embark on a captivating journey with a unique language to decipher.

Key Features

  • Explore a beautiful, enthralling world with a strong narrative inspired by the myth of Babel.
  • Observe your environment and solve puzzles to unveil the mysteries around you.
  • Decipher ancient languages to restore the connections between the Peoples of the Tower.

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  • April 6, 2022

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