Butterfly’s Poison: Blood Chains

Release Dates
(PSP) Japan
Jan 16 2014
(PS Vita) Japan
Feb 20 2014
(Switch) Japan
Feb 20 2020
(Switch) Worldwide
Oct 27 2022
(PC) Worldwide
Jun 2023
Japanese Title
蝶の毒 華の鎖~大正艶恋異聞~

Butterfly’s Poison: Blood Chains is an otome visual novel video game developed and published by PROTOTYPE.


Butterfly’s Poison; Blood Chains is a visual novel that depicts a mature love story.

It was first released in Japan as Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari, and while the original game contained adult content and was unsuitable for minors, it was later remade to meet the appropriate ratings for video game consoles and distributed worldwide as Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari: Taisho Tsuyakoi Ibun.

This game is a Steam port of the console version.


Tokyo, 1918. World War I is coming to an end.

Yuriko Nomiya, aristocratic by birth, is suddenly struck by a series of misfortunes.

Is this fate brought about by the changing times, or is someone plotting against her?

The dark, bittersweet tale of Yuriko and five young men is about to unfold…


  • Yuriko Nomiya – The main character. Her name can be changed. The brilliant daughter of an aristocratic family. Although she is of marriageable age, she would rather go out into the world and rebuild the ailing Nomiya family than settle down with a new family. However, Yuriko’s father has plans to marry her off to a wealthy and influential man, and he throws her a lavish party to celebrate her upcoming entrance into society.
  • Junichi Shiba (voiced by Chasuke) – A 28-year-old merchant and nouveau riche. He has been invited to the party as the most promising contender for Yuriko’s hand in marriage. However, the soiree is soon disrupted by an anti-aristocracy mob, and the party devolves into chaos. When Yuriko falls into a tight spot, it’s Shiba who comes to her rescue.
  • Mizuhito Nomiya (voiced by Tatsuya Hirai) – The eldest son of the Nomiya family. He is 22 years old. He is the illegitimate son of the family’s head, Yasuyuki, and a maid. He is skilled in the arts, such as flower arranging and painting, but has no interest in worldly affairs, and he continues to pursue his hobbies despite the family’s poverty.
  • Hitoshi Fujita (voiced by Sandayu Chianoze) – The 37-year-old butler of the Nomiya family. He was born to an English father and a Japanese mother and has been working for the Nomiya family ever since Yuriko was a child. He is a reserved but honest man, and Yuriko trusts him very much.
  • Hideo Ozaki (voiced by Kiya Suga) – The eldest son of an aristocratic family who gets along well with the Nomiyas. He is a 24-year-old army sub lieutenant. He has known Yuriko since they were kids, and he really cares about her, but his serious demeanor often makes him come across as cold.
  • Yoshiki Majima (voiced by Keizo Oishi) – The 25-year-old gardener for the Nomiya family. He started out as a lowly laborer for the Nomiya family several years ago, but through his diligence and hard work, he has worked his way up to taking care of the entire garden. He has a gentle personality and is Yuriko’s first love.
  • Kyoko Amami (voiced by Nekomiai) – The only daughter of a wealthy liquor wholesaler. Her husband is a meek man, and after giving birth to her first son, she has been living the good life.

Key Features

  • Includes All the Additional Upgrades of the Console Version – All of the visuals and additional stories added to the previous console port have been implemented in the Steam version.
  • Fully Voiced – Excluding the main character.
  • The Text Can be Set to English or Japanese – This includes in-game text, options, and the digital manual. Language settings can be changed at any time. (Voices and the text in the opening movie and credits will be displayed in Japanese.)
  • Touch Gesture Support – Touch gestures can also be used if you’re playing on a tablet PC or a Steam Deck.

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