Big Bang Pro Wrestling

Release Dates
Mar 30 2022
Mar 31 2022
Japanese Title

Big Bang Pro Wrestling is a fighting video game developed and published by SNK Corporation.


It’s about to pop off! Muscle-bound wrestlers take the stage for a bombastic all-out brawl! Easy controls allow you to pull off sick and devastating special moves from the push of a button!

Key Features

  • 10 fighters to choose from including fledging newbies, masked wrestlers, and hulking heavyweights! The ring is calling you!
  • Each wrestler comes with their own personalized Finishing Move. Fulfill the proper conditions and let it rip to win the fight!
  • Change up the rules with exciting modes like Coffin Death Match where your goal is to toss your opponent into a coffin. Or, try to steal away the reward in Reward Death Match to really stick it to your opponent!

Additional Notes

  • The instruction manual featured within the game is from the original NEOGEO Pocket Color version. Therefore, the control explanations may differ from those on Nintendo Switch.
  • Local “VS Match” is possible, but online functions are disabled.

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