Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials

Release Dates
(Switch, PC) Worldwide
Oct 15 2020
(PS4, Xbox One) Worldwide
Jul 15 2021

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials is a Metroidvania / side-scrolling action video game developed by Unspeakable Pixels and published by DANGEN Entertainment.


Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials is a snarky Metroidvania focusing on action and puzzle-solving that follows the story of an unlucky barbarian hero who falls head first into a deep abyss and must escape with the help of the magical bat buddy, Pip. With a good dose of humor in the dialogue, players will explore hundreds of secret-filled rooms, fight enemies and huge bosses, meet hot-tempered NPCs, befriend unruly companions and use the powers of Pip to solve puzzles and escape the eldritch abyss!

Players choose one of two barbarian characters at the beginning of the game and dive (literally) head first into a denizen-filled, dungeon-crawl through the shadowy depths of an eldritch abyss. Using their barbarian fighting prowess to fend off foes, they must make use of their magical bat buddy, Pip, to light up the way and solve puzzles to advance through the massive underworld. Along the way, they will interact with a comical cast of characters through dialogue choices and uncover the story behind their strange predicament.

Featuring a massive 400-plus rooms of exploration, Batbarian includes over 20 hours of gameplay, 10+ major bosses, over 60 minutes of pumping music and 30,000+ words of dialogue to explore. RPG elements include a level-up minigame system and multiple endings based on player choices and actions.

The key feature of Batbarian is utilizing Pip. Players use the right analogue stick to aim and throw various fruit that Pip will chase and react to, creating a deep element of puzzle-solving. If players throw sticky fruit on a wall near a magical switch, Pip will chase the fruit and spend a few seconds eating it while activating the switch. Players must then progress through the puzzle before Pip finishes eating the fruit. NPC characters join the player, offering an added element of action and strategy to the gameplay.

Key Features

  • Gain new skills for your barbarian and elemental powers for Pip, the (magic) bat!
  • A narrative-driven Metroidvania with dialogue choices and plenty of humor and snark.
  • Big numbers! 400-plus rooms, 20-plus hours of evolving gameplay, 10-plus bosses, 60-plus minutes of music, and almost 30,000 words of text that a barbarian would never bother to read!
  • Puzzles.
  • RPG elements with a level-up minigame.
  • Contains more fruit throwing than probably any other game.
  • Companions that join you in your quest and help you out in fights.
  • Multiple endings based on your choices and actions.
  • The thrown fruit are NOT wasted, they are eaten by the bat (who is magic).
  • A ton of secrets and hidden loot just about everywhere.
  • The (magic) bat has a whopping FIVE different squeaking sounds!
  • Fewer repetitive jokes than this description has.

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